towel stretch for shoulder internal rotation

The towel stretch, as the name implies, is usually performed with a towel. However, the same effect can be achieved by using a band, a rope or anything similar as long as it’s long enough to hold in both hands comfortably.

  • To perform the stretch, hold one side of the towel in one hand and raise it over your head so that the towel hangs behind your back.
  • With your other arm, reach behind the back and grab the bottom of the towel.
  • Once in position, gently pull the towel upwards with your upper hand and slowly move your other arm (that’s behind) up the back following the towel.
  • When you start feeling a stretch in the shoulder, hold the same position until your comfortable before pulling the arm any further.

towel stretch with a band

When reach enough flexibility, you should be able to perform the exercise by just using your hands, without additional assistance from the towel or a band:

hand clasp internal rotation

Remember not to force anything and progress slowly to avoid any shoulder pain or discomfort.