overhead stretch for shoulder release

One of the basic but most important stretches for the shoulders. There are lots of simple variations that will help you improve your overhead mobility and overall shoulder health.

  • To start, place your palms on the wall and bend the torso to create a light stretch at the shoulders.
  • Think about minimising the space between your ears and your shoulders, try turning your elbows to face each other, focusing on external rotation in the shoulders.
  • Once you feel comfortable, go deeper into the stretch by bending at the torso. At the same time, try focusing on maintaining a neutral spine by activating your abs.

You can also do the same stretch by simply holding on to various things instead of doing it in front of the wall , for example grabbing a door handle or a chair:overhead shoulder stretch with chair

Quadruped overhead stretch is another variation that can be done by kneeling on the floor:

Quadruped overhead shoulder stretch