wall stretch for shoulder and chest

  • Start by standing next to a wall or a doorway.
  • Place one arm against the wall pointing the thumb up.
  • While keeping the arm straight push the rest of your body away until you feel a light stretch in the arm (biceps), shoulder and chest.
  • To increase the stretch further, slowly rotate your trunk away from the wall.

You can also make the stretch a bit more active by lifting your palm and fingers away from the wall (but still keeping the wrist on the wall).

Other variations of the shoulder-chest stretch:

The same exercise can be performed at different angles up to 45°, both upwards and downwards:wall stretch for shoulder and chest

Experiment with different angles to target the tightest areas. You can try performing the stretch at the top position and slowly moving your hand down, holding the position for several seconds at different angles.

Similar benefit can be achieved by performing a shoulder rollover on the floor:

  • Start by laying on your belly and extend one arm to the side, level with the shoulder.
  • Bend the opposite arm at the elbow and slowly push yourself from the floor, rolling your body to the side of the extended arm – you should feel the stretch in the shoulder-chest area, as well as the arm-biceps.
  • The further away you will roll from the ground, the more intense of a stretch you will feel in the mentioned areas.

Once flexible enough, you can step one foot over or even continue to roll until are able to get both of the knees up. Remember not to force any of the motions!shoulder roll stretch