The chin tuck is a great exercise to strengthen your deep neck flexor muscles that are responsible for supporting your head and neck in a stable position. These muscles stabilize the neck and let all the surrounding muscles do their work correctly. Weakness in the deep neck flexor muscles requires involvement from other muscle groups which usually results in a forward head posture.
Since most of us stare at screens for the better part of our day, this exercise can be really beneficial in  preventing the head-forward neck posture development.

You can perform the chin tuck numerous tiems throughout the day – at home, at work or even in your car.

  • To start the exercise, stand up against a wall with a straight spine.
  • Move the feet slightly in front of you so your back (upper and lower) would fully touch the wall.
  • Perform a nodding motion by focusing on tucking your chin (make a double chin) with your head still touching the wall.


Once you get used to the motion and are able to feel the right muscles contracting, you can try a standing variation (without the head support) as well.