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Limber 11 flexibility routine in GIF’s!

Limber 11 is a flexibility program created by Joe DeFranco.
It is designed to be simple to follow and not take long to complete, so you could incorporate the program in your daily routine and stick with it! DeFranco describes Limber 11 as a realistic flexibility routine that will help almost anyone.

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6 reasons why you should start stretching today


You`re still not sure if you want to improve your flexibility and incorporating some stretching in your daily routine? I gathered a short list of the main benefits of stretching that might be able to convince you.

  1. Stretching improves your physical performance and general well being

    The most obvious benefit of stretching is the improved range of motion. Being able to move your joints in full range  makes your muscles more effective, thus making your fitness related activities or just everyday physical tasks much more easier on the body. An increase in flexibility usually results in balance and coordination improvements as well.

  2. Improved flexibility can reduce the chances of injury

    While the studies related to stretching and injury prevention show mixed results, it is generally accepted that increasing muscle flexibility promotes better performance and better injury prevention. A lack of motion in the joints can cause body movement to become less fluid and less natural, making an individual more susceptible to muscle strains and other soft tissue injuries.

  3. Faster recovery and less sore muscles

    If the stretching and injury prevention relation is still being discussed in the scientific field, increase of blood supply to the muscle tissue has already been proven. Better blood flow results in a greater nutrient supply – your body is able to deliver essential nutrients through the blood stream, thereby not only reducing muscle soreness but speeding up your recovery as well. All of this can potentially prevent (or at least reduce) the delayed onset muscle syndrome and you might even be able to walk the stairs without flinching after an intense leg day at the gym.

  4. Being flexible makes you better looking

    Not kidding. Everyone knows that attractiveness is related to good posture. Well, flexibility and stretching helps you achieve exactly that.
    Many of us spend a lot of time in front of computers, sitting. Such lack of motion and bad body position often results in tight chest and neck muscles, which pull the shoulders and your head forward – leaving us with a cavemen posture.
    Stretching loosens the tight muscles and prevents them from pulling your body away from natural positions. Maintaining the flexibility in your hips, neck and shoulders, helps to keep keep your body in a better alignment.

  5. Stretching reduces stress

    Stretching has a calming effect. Even short flexibility sessions can relieve some stress, especially when you are focusing on breathing and being present with your body. Just tuning out from your daily worries and doing a calming, relaxing activity for 15-20 minutes can have a big positive impact on your mental state.

  6. You will feel better and have more energy

    Our sedentary lifestyle can leave us tensed up and tired by the end of the day.  Some light stretching even for a short period of time can boost your energy and overall mood.